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BangSteel Challenge 2014

    BANgSteel Long Range Precision Challenge,  team  rifle match,, July 2014 

Set for Saturday, July 26th at the BangSteel range in Southwest Virginia, the BangSteel Team Rifle Match will consist of two person shooting teams, competing for top score as they navigate multiple target stages around the 900 acre range. Targets will be engaged from various firing positions around the facility, and will include sitting, standing (with rifles rested on natural rock formations or vehicles, etc.) and prone.  Other field expedient shooting positions may also be used.

Physical requirements:  Light walking, getting into the prone position (and getting back up).  Climbing onto and off of SUV step bumper (shooting from roof, for example)... and such.

Target distances, and UKD (unknown distance):  It is our philosophy that when targets are at unknown distances, they're typically uncertain in size as well.  In reality, we don't have targets perfectly profiled to the shooter of *exact* known sizes which allow us to "reticle range" for distance.  The targets placed at unknown distances will also be of *unknown size*.   Teams will estimate range as closely as possible, then will be scored based on how many shots it takes to get a hit on the plate.  Once the hit is logged, the team will then make a "log book" entry with the apparent distance (in yards) to the target to the nearest 5 yard increment.  Knowledge of your rifle's trajectory table will be vital to make an accurate range estimate in this manner. Scores will be weighted based on the accuracy of this range estimate.

Targets will be engaged from 300 to 1000 yards, approximately. Targets will be steel, and a hit anywhere on the plate will score as a hit.

Equipment needs:  Each team must come equipped with a spotting scope and a pair of binoculars, a back pack (ruck sack), and ONE RIFLE EACH.  No rifle sharing, each team member must shoot his or her own rig.  Ammo needed could be up to 50 rounds each.  The more accurate the fire, the less ammunition shooters will need.  A single hit on each target constitutes completion of that stage for that team member--but again, both team members much complete the stage before moving on.

Cartridge qualifications:  300 Winchester Magnum and under.  If you're unsure whether your cartridge of choice would qualify, check the case capacity of water volume for that cartridge.  The 300 Winchester Magnum has 91 grains of water capacity.  ANY CARTRIDGE WHICH HAS MORE THAN 91 GRAINS OF WATER CAPACITY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED FOR THE MATCH.  If you're unsure whether your cartridge qualifies, email us, or check this link:  WATER CAPACITY LIST

Classes:  General class will include all but 308 Winchester rifles.  The 308 shooters will be scored in a separate class.  If you want your team to be entered in the 308 only class, BOTH team members must be shooting 308 rifles.  Of further note:  If the top shooting team ends up being from the 308 only group--this team will of course take top prize in both classes. 

REGISTRATION:   Match fees for teams are not to be paid in advance--you will pay in cash when you register on match day.  In order to register your team, we simply need each shooter's full name, address (city and state is sufficient), your email address, and a PHONE NUMBER.  Once we receive the required information you'll get an email reply stating that your team is on the roster.  We expect to take registration for up to, but not exceeding, 20 individual teams (40 shooters).

Prize table and purse:  Cash prizes and/or vendor prizes will be awarded to top team in the general class, as well as top team in the 308 class.

Match entry fee is 180 dollars per team--again, paid on the date of the match, in cash.

If you have questions, or TO REGISTER>>> email:

Please watch this page for updates and additional info.

Pictures from the 2013 BangSteel Challenge... thanks to all shooters, and all RO's who worked this match.  Stand by for details on next tactical match--to be announced...
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