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I'm Dan Newberry, the designer of the Optimal Charge Weight method of handload development. If you are unfamiliar with my work, you can google my name and "OCW" or just "reloading" and you'll find hundreds of articles and forum threads pertaining to my reloading system. My system allows you to find "the" load you're looking for in as few as 20 shots.  And unlike the traditional ladder test you may have heard of, my system identifies nodes of inaccuracy along the powder charge continuum--the source of many "flyers."

Because of increasing demand (likely driven by the rising cost of reloading components), I'm now offering a one-on-one consulting service to personally assist you during your OCW load development process.  Are you tired of getting those inexplicable "flyers" in your groups when you know that you didn't do anything wrong?  Have you done ladder tests ad nauseum and you still haven't found a consistent load recipe?  Is your load recipe so sensitive to minor changes that even a primer swap blows your accuracy? Would you like to learn how to make your cold, clean bore shot touch the rest of the group?  Then keep reading...

I've counseled hundreds of shooters over the years by email and internet forums to help them find "the" load for their rifle and application. While these encounters have been quite successful (don't take my word for it, google search my name and "OCW" and see for yourself), written interaction does have its limitations.  In literally dozens of cases I can remember finding out that a handloader had overlooked obvious hinderances to accuracy--and this we sometimes learned only after he'd spent a couple hundred bucks on components and range trips.  Although many folks have become quite profficient at interpreting OCW targets, I still see that many are not.  This means that simply shooting an OCW test is only part of the accuracy equation--you also need to properly interpret the data. Another concern is that we see folks adjusting the OCW process and "improving" it, sometimes by shooting at longer ranges than are prescribed, and/or by failing to shoot in round-robin fashion, or adding shots or taking shots away...  All of these steps will work against you in the end.

Why hire a consultant?

First and foremost, you will save money. Very likely lots of money.  If you'll be honest with yourself and carefully add up the cost of bullets and powder and primers and worn out brass and trips to the shooting range, you might be surprised just how much that magical load you finally arrived at has actually cost you. In a recent case, a man who had spent over 300 dollars chasing an accurate load for his .243 Winchester was led to a sub MOA load recipe in less than 20 shots.

I have compiled a database of handload information over the years that will allow me to steer you toward good combinations for your intended purpose--and away from bad ones.  This alone will save you a considerable amount of money right from the start.  Ballistics techs at the major bullet and powder makers don't always know what combinations work best.  And like most handloaders, they tend to follow the age old "hunt and peck" method of load development, so any ideas you do get will have come from such processes.

Finally, there are many basics that some of us forget when it comes to shooting accurately.  It simply takes too long to go over each and every one of these issues when we're interacting by email and forum posts alone.  Often, we need phone consultation to really get to the bottom of what is going on.

If you choose to enlist my help for your load development endeavor, you will avail yourself of the following:

Absolute privacy.  Your name and information will not be shared by me for any reason unless you specifically grant me permission to share your target photos and/or testimony.

Personal contact by phone on three to four occasions.  In our initial conversation we'll discuss your rifle and scope combo, the purpose which you're using the rifle and load for, what components you may already have on hand which could work for you, and a sensible accuracy goal.  In follow up phone conversations, we will discuss your targets (which you will send to me by email).  We'll interpret the data, and consider seating depth adjustments that may improve your accuracy even more.

Email contact, continual.  You can follow up at any time by email if you have further questions about your load and its performance.  We'll plan to stay in touch long after we've gotten the load working for you. 

A load that works.  We will not stop until you're happy with the load you have.  And during the process, you will learn much that will help you with other loads in the future.


The cost of my service is a very modest 45 dollars, which you can pay by credit card or paypal.  That's less than a pound of powder and a box of bullets.  And if you consider your time worth anything at all, factor that in as well.  You have my promise that you will save time and money, and on top of that you'll arrive at a load recipe that will get all of the potential from your rifle.

Money back guarantee.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to arrive at an acceptable load recipe for your rifle, I will gladly refund your 45 dollars, and you'll be no worse off than where you began. :)

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in my services, email me---->

The following is the procedure for submitting your target photos during the consulting:

--> Keep all groups on the SAME target page.  I can't evaluate the POI shifts if you have a different photo file for each charge weight being tested. You may shoot your sighter/foulers on a separate page if you like, but for the OCW test charges, I need them on the same page.

--> You MUST clearly mark the targets with a dark marker (Sharpie) with powder charges designating which group is which.  Include in the notes ON THE TARGET anything pertinent (called flyers, pressure signs, etc.)... it is also helpful to mark which shot in each group was shot 1, 2, or 3.

--> I don't need any excel spread sheet info, and I don't need colorful, triangulated drawings (On-Target software stuff, for instance) of the goings on--just the target, with the data written on it.

--> You can scan the target page, or simply take a good photo of it and attach to your email. You can include some comments in the email which you feel may be pertinent to the interpretation of your results. 

You can pay for up to three individual handload plans using the button below.  For each consultation, the charge is 45 dollars. Simply select the option you want and follow prompts from there...

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